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Thermocouple Cables

Determined to present the utmost quality, we are involved in offering Thermocouple Cables. They are applied for making or extending signals from a thermocouple. They are also applied in a thermocouple from the sensing point to the cold junction compensation point (or reference point). It provides the temperature measurement as it is the difference in the millivolt output from the sensing point to the reference point. Different alloy wire combinations are applicable in different thermocouple types.

Thermocouple Wire & Cable Types

  • Type E (Chromel/Constantan),
  • Type J (Iron/Constantan),
  • Type K (Chromel/Alumel), and
  • Type T (Copper/Constantan)

Limits of Error

  • Initial Calibration Tolerances as per ASTM E230 & ANSI MC 96.1
  • Tolerance – Reference Junction ( 0oC)
  • Limits of Error in Thermocouple Wire


Type of Wire Temperature Range Standard Grade
T (-200oC to 370oC ) ±1.8 (1) or ±0.75%
J (0oC to 760oC) ±4 (2.2) or ±0.75%
E (-200oC to 870oC) ±3.1 (1.7) or ±0.50%
K (-200oC to1260oC) ±4 (2.2) or ±0.75%
N (-200oC to1260oC) ±4 (2.2) or ±0.75%