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RTD Cables

Relying on our experience in the industry gained over years, we, as a Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of RTD Cables have positioned us in the top string of the industry.  They are applied as connecting lead wire between RTD sensor and temperature indicator device. The available configurations are 2 core, 3 core, 4 core and 6 core. The most common configuration is 3 cores.

RTD Cables are made in three common constructions for making them suitable for different situations. These are PTFE/PTFE insulated. This is the most common construction. In this the cores are insulated with PTFE and then cores are twisted and jacketed with PTFE/PTFE/FG. In this construction cores are of PTFE and jacket is of Fiber glass braid. This is used when RTD cable has to be installed in high temperature environment.

In this construction, a SPC wire braid shield is provided between twisted cores and jacket. This type of Cable is used where higher accuracy is required. The current and voltage signals in RTD Cables are of very small magnitude and can get affected by external electromagnetic noises produced by external devices such as motors, electronic equipments etc. near the cable. The SPC Shield is grounded from one end and this protects the signals in the cable from these external noises.


  • RTD Cables are made in five common constructions
    • PTFE /PTFE