Revti Electronics Industries


PTFE Cables

Enchanting our customers with our outstanding performance, we have sustained our status as a top figure in the industry by presenting PTFE Cables to our customers. These multi-core and multi-pair screened and Jacketed PTFE insulated cables and Teflon insulated cables fit performance requirements for several applications. They are optimized for high flex life, extreme temperature and chemical environments, demanding electrical performance, high reliability, as well as industry standard interfaces.


  • Meets MIL-W-16878
  • Resistance to fire
  • Resistance to Chemicals
  • Corona resistance
  • Non-flammable

Main Features

  • Total Flame resistance
  • High insulation & specific resistance
  • High strain & abrasion resistance
  • Negligible Dielectric loss, remains stable in wide frequency and temperature range.
  • Water absorption is less than 0.01%
  • Total weather & Ozone resistance
  • Resistant to acids, alkalis, solvents, synthetic liquids & oils.
  • Non Toxic, Non flammable
  • High resistance to Radiation.
  • The wires made of PTFE insulation are light weight, compact have excellent thermal stability and Immune to ageing fungus & water.


Conductor Silver Plated Copper or Nickel Plated Copper and Bare Copper Wire
Insulation PTFE wrap insulation
Properties Resistance to fire, chemicals, acids, sunlight, moisture and corona.
Voltage grade 250V/ 600V/ 1000V or as per customer requirements.
Temperature -65° C to + 260° C
Colour All electronic colours.
Jacket material PTFE, fibre glass, as beastos, PVC or as per customer.
Colour As per customer.
Size As per customer.