Revti Electronics Industries


Compensating Cables

As an exceptional provider in the industry, we present a wide array of Insulated Compensating Cables to our customers. They are used for extending signal from a probe to instrumentation acting as controllers or recording devices. In such applications, multi pair thermocouple extension cables are preferred. An “X” designated extension wire after the ANSI thermocouple type like BX, EX, JX, KX, and SX, TX. We make it available for pocket friendly rates.


Type of wire Temperature Range Standard Grade
TX (0oC to 200oC) ±1.8 (1)
JX (0oC to 200oC) ±4 (2.2)
EX (0oC to 200oC) ±3.1 (1.7)
KX (0oC to 200oC) ±4 (2.2)
NX (0oC to 200oC) ±4 (2.2)
RX (0oC to 200oC) ±9 (5
SX (0oC to 200oC) ±9 (5
BX (0oC to 200oC) ±6.7 (3.7)